King Kong Slots Bonus Rounds

The King Kong slot offers you two amazing bonus features. The King Kong Goes Ape feature sees the star of Skull Island take control of the reels and shower you with bonuses, while the King Kong Smash bonus round sees you take control of Kong as he bats down biplanes, winning sizeable rewards or free spins in the process.

King Kong Goes Ape Feature:

The King Kong Goes Ape feature is activated when the King Kong (substitute) symbol appears on the third reel. Once this occurs, the third reel will expand as Kong takes control and tries to break through. Additional substitute symbols are added to reels two and four and any successful paylines that appear will be displayed and any winnings added to your account. The trigger bet will be used to determine the value of any winnings.

King Kong Smash Feature:

The King Kong Smash feature is automatically generated when three or more King Kong logo (scatter) symbols appear. You?ll be transported high above the New York skyline to the top of the Empire State Building where you will see Kong defending himself against an onslaught of biplanes. Using the SMASH LEFT and SMASH RIGHT fist buttons, you must destroy as many of these irksome aircrafts as possible with the game continuing until three biplanes are missed.

Once three targets have been missed, you will be required to make a difficult decision. You will be presented with a choice of a number of free games or one of three mystery prizes. Simply select a box and claim the prize inside. Choose carefully though, you only get one shot!